Sal thinking about the world of Omura's whales...

Salvatore Cerchio, PhD - Project Leader

Dr. Cerchio has been working in Madagascar since 2004, studying cetaceans from humpback whales to coastal dolphins to Omura’s whales.  He has been studying cetaceans for 36 years around the world. Currently he is a visiting Scientist with the New England Aquarium and Guest Investigator at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.


Boris Andrianantenaina, DEA - Scientific Leader for ecotourism group Les Baleines Rand’eau and Associate Researcher with Malagasy NGO Les Baleines Ass’eau, in Nosy Be, Madagascar.  Boris has a Masters degree (DEA) from the IHSM Universite de Toliara, and has been studying cetaceans in Madagascar with Sal since 2010.

Boat Pilots - Christian “Gozy” Tombozafy - Boat Pilot Extraordinaire.  Gozy grew up in Nosy Be and the nearby Nosy Komba, with the ocean of Madagascar all around him.  He is a skilled pilot that has worked with Sal since 2008, and knows the cetaceans and marine life of the Nosy Be region better than anyone.



Danielle Cholewiak, PhD - Behavioral biologist and bioacoustician, working at NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Science Center. Danielle has been studying cetaceans for almost 20 years and joined the Madagascar Omura's Whale Project in 2015.


Field Support - Tanguy & Arthur Guillemain d’Echon, co-owners of Les Baleines Rand’eau and co-founders of Les Baleines Ass’eau.  Tanguy and Arthur have been leading ecotourism trips around Nosy Be since 2010, and were instrumental in the discovery of Omura’s whales in the region.