Les Baleines Ass’eau – Malagasy NGO dedicated to marine mammal conservation, outreach and education in the Nosy Be region.  Their members and affiliates provide invaluable logistic support to the project Field Team, and facilitate the collection of data from platforms of opportunity throughout the year.

Alec Lindsay, PhD – Professor at Northern Michigan University.  Dr. Lindsay’s research interests include evolution, animal behavior and conservation predominantly with birds, but works with the Madagascar Omura’s Whale Project leading genetic analyses.

Sofie van Parijs, PhD – Lead of the Passive Acoustics Group at the Northeast Fisheries Science Center, Woods Hole, MA.  Sofie is participating in and supporting the bioacoustic research on Omura’s whales in Madagascar.

Madagascar Centre National de Recherches Océanographiques (CNRO) – The National Center for Oceanographic Research in Madagascar, based in Nosy Be.  The Center provides logistic support for the field work and researchers from the Center are involved in various aspects of the work.

Forever Dive - Run by Sylvia Trelanche, this dive charter group based in Madirokely provides logistic support for field work as well as exuberance and endless inspiration.

Project Funders

Thanks to the U.S. Marine Mammal Commission for funding the 2015 field season!